Hoosier Bound

My Pokemon Go name and also a fact about my life.

By January 2021 at the latest I hope to be a Hoosier.

Weighed in at 177.8 this morning. I haven’t been following my calories as much — trying to just live and use what I learned, doing well, but….. I wanna hop on the “myfitnesspal” train again and get down to 165 which is where I really want to be.

My son put an offer on a house in WV. Oh my!

My Daughter wants to rent my house and then buy– I think she really doesn’t want to move.

I have two buyers basically. My business could sell next week I think, but I cannot afford to get that coin until the New Year tick tocks in. A good situation to be in……

Oh well into Stop #12 of the day.

Sam is a Saint and I cannot wait to be I the same city!!!!!

Published by divinedoorknobs

Life: we all have a story. Mine involves lots of lies and alcohol. Moving next to the "moonshine capital of the world--- genius. Lol. This is for me. Clears my head. If you live with a deceitful alcoholic... you are not alone, and are not crazy. Add serial cheater to that mix and you have a recipe for destruction. Go Sox!!! Silence perpetuates more of the same "stuff", end the silence. 2020 -- I met the most wonderful lady in 2017. We met through our blogs here on Wordpress. We have been dating for almost 3 years. A long distance relationship as we live over 600 miles apart and circumstances have so far kept us from being able to live in the same area. Life is exponentially better. She is "the one", she is my soulmate. I know that is cliche, yet when it is real, it is undeniable... Follow our adventure, and read her blog: https://arewestillhavingspaghetti.wordpress.com/

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