Hoosier Bound

My Pokemon Go name and also a fact about my life.

By January 2021 at the latest I hope to be a Hoosier.

Weighed in at 177.8 this morning. I haven’t been following my calories as much — trying to just live and use what I learned, doing well, but….. I wanna hop on the “myfitnesspal” train again and get down to 165 which is where I really want to be.

My son put an offer on a house in WV. Oh my!

My Daughter wants to rent my house and then buy– I think she really doesn’t want to move.

I have two buyers basically. My business could sell next week I think, but I cannot afford to get that coin until the New Year tick tocks in. A good situation to be in……

Oh well into Stop #12 of the day.

Sam is a Saint and I cannot wait to be I the same city!!!!!


Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/zq8LWvcNG5

Help! I’m stuck at 180 —- Time to lock down those calories again. I’ve been a little lax lately and it adds up. I hit 176.8 At my lowest –this morning I was at 180.8. Today I had my longest run– 8.1 miles –I haven’t backed off exercising at all. I still feel great and I still say if you are thinking of making a change to your diet or exercise —do it!!!–you have nothing to lose but pounds.

Here comes 170!

Happy Pandemic!!!

Finally, Hello 170’s

My weight this morning!

I had a little spike I’ve been cheating a little & my weight went up for about a 1/2 a week.

I’m in the grocery business so I’m up about 40%. I feel thankful and blessed but I also want this craziness to stop. There are definitely some ulterior motives with what is transpiring.

But anyway stay happy stay healthy stick with your goals you can do it.

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